Adecco’s Way to Work "Work Experience Contest" has made it possible for nine lucky individuals to experience different vocations all around the world during this summer.

Follow our winners blog and check out their amazing experiences over the next six weeks.

Miguel on the move

From Portugal to the Netherlands and job 3 at an advertising agency for Miguel. On his first day in Amsterdam, he realised he had to get used to speaking English again – fast! Read lots more on his blog and follow Miguel on the rest of his trip. http://miguel.adeccoworkexperiencecontest.com/   Final funky farewell for Imane [...]

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Some onwards and others homewards

Rocheleh sums it all up Back home in Australia, Rocheleh has had time to gather her thoughts and write her concluding blog: “This opportunity granted to me by Adecco has taught me a lot of life lessons and given me invaluable experience; in terms of work, travel and general.” She’s also shared her reflections on [...]

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Homecomings and on-going adventures

Tolotra – It’s over all too soon! As he was about to start his last assignment, Tolotra realised just how quickly his 5-week trip had gone by. Enriched by the people he met along the way, his cultural and professional experiences in so many jobs in different fields and on 4 continents … he was [...]

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Exploring Asia, South America and Europe

Masaki changes jobs and ’uniform’ We left Masaki in Taiwan, doing some sightseeing before he started job 2. In a total change from his last experience at the museum, he was as an events coordinator at an American Chamber meeting attended by business people. His morning role was to register delegates at the reception desk. [...]

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Start-ups, CEOs and Beer

Amelia ends her trip on a sweet note Looking with a touch of sadness at the last South American stamp in her passport, Amelia left Montevideo in Uruguay to make her way back to Europe. A new experience was waiting for her in Berlin, Germany – at a start-up company. “I learned a lot with them, [...]

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Where in the world are they now?

Taylor – Managing time in Canada July 23. Taylor’s first job experience was in Toronto Canada. Not too far from home, but far enough to learn something new: like discovering that ‘washroom’ means ‘restroom’ or that she could get a great coffee! She got a job with Adecco Canada’s Marketing team – and a task: [...]

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Amelia in Chile at a powerplant

Blogging as they’re jobbing!

Amelia Next Stop? Colombia!!! Before she started her job, there was time for Amelia to recharge her batteries and do some sightseeing for a couple of days. “A walk through the historic centre of Bogota and to the Monserrate Christ gave me a clear vision of how the city really is.” Amelia’s job: in the [...]

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Amber working as a lifeguard

And those jobs just keep on coming!

Taylor As six of the winners continue on their trips, our winner from the US, Taylor, is carrying out her final preparations before she jets off on her, as she puts it “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity”. We think she’s quite excited as she’s already put together a top 10 list of what she is “most excited to [...]

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6 winners – one week in

  Amelia Amelia Bueno from Spain began her first week with a “very special day” working with the editorial team at Cosmopolitan magazine in Madrid. One of her first learnings: the importance of team work. From there she flew to Mexico for her second assignment where she got a taste of how the healthcare industry [...]

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